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Wonderful day today! Happy to be back at McMaster University and talking about career planning with Masters and PhD candidates. With Roopali Chaudhary

Career planning workshop at Edify school, Bangalore


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"Yesterday, We had a wonderful workshop on career planning organized by Careers Infinite. Dr. Divya Garg conducted the session. We were able to understand which careers would suit us and where our heart's best interests lie."- Anjali from Edify school, Bangalore

“I am currently in the 12th standard and majoring in science. My favorite subjects in school are physics and electronics, and I am interested to explore engineering and aviation (flying) in my future. I wanted to understand the nature of work and the pros and cons of being in these fields. Mentor Walk offered me the opportunity to connect with an engineer and a pilot. I chose to talk to the pilot first; I have always been fascinated by the thought of flying! The session was absolutely great! I came back from school, picked up the phone and started talking to my pilot mentor. It felt especially good talking with a woman pilot.  She was thorough, motivating and walked me through the steps one has to go through to become a successful pilot. We talked about the requirements for getting a pilot's license such as the computer number, medical information, aviation academies, training and number of flying hours. She patiently clarified all my doubts and talked to me about the challenges in the field. I believe I have a clearer plan of what to do next if I choose to become a pilot!” – Shreya, Bangalore

"Thank you so much, Careers Infinite! I think that the Mentor Walk program is awesome! I loved talking to my mentor! All my questions were patiently answered, in detail. Careers Infinite has helped me in a big way: I was so confused about whether to choose an Engineering or Management field for my Bachelor's! I am more confident now in doing what I’m passionate about. I can say that I have been able to plan the next 7 years of my life now! It’s a huge career decision. After talking to my mentor, I have become more motivated to be competitive, to aim higher and work harder. So, now, I have stopped worrying about whether or not to do a Bachelor’s degree in engineering and have made up my mind to just do it! I wish more people knew about Mentor Walk. The opportunity to talk to a mentor is unique because we get to know what the actual scene is. Mentors also get a better perspective of my generation of students.” – Suman, Bangalore

“I heard about the Mentor Walk program through my friend. I am happy that I contacted them. They have provided me excellent service. The session with my mentor has brought me a great deal of benefit! Doing my Bachelor’s in Business Management, my biggest concern was whether I should pursue a Master’s degree right after I graduate or take up a job to gather some work experience. Talking to my mentor about this ended up being a great conversation, and it gave me a new perspective to sort out my confusions. The only issue was that there was a lag in the communication line. I am happy that I can reach out to the Careers Infinite team any time I have a question regarding my career. If I ever thought of moving to another field, I will get in touch with Careers Infinite, I know that they will pair me with a competent mentor in that field to talk to! I will be recommending Mentor Walk to all my friends!” – Divith, Bangalore

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