Who is a career consultant (mentor)?

An individual who mentors and helps you make informed education and career-related decisions. S/he

  • Is significantly more experienced than you and gives practical information based on first-hand knowledge

  • Has no conflict of interest, therefore objectively assesses your situation

  • Has been in your situation, is empathetic and understands your challenges


Who is a mentee?

A mentee is anyone (student or professional) seeking answers to his/her education and career related queries.


What is organized mentorship?

A short series of scheduled sessions between a mentor and a mentee(student or professional) that are completed within a specified time frame. The sessions are conducted in the form of information interviews, with the mentee interviewing the mentor. We assist the mentee prepare thoughtful questions to help them make the best use of their time.


What is an informational interview?

Short sessions where the mentee (student or professional) asks questions related to education and career to a mentor. The common topics for discussion may include, but not be limited to, the mentees plans for future education and research, applications for internships and scholarships, industry trends, resume writing, interview preparation, networking and job opportunities.


What is the time commitment of a mentor?

30 minutes per session.