What is the big idea behind Careers Infinite? 

Connect. Explore. Evolve.

We make career decisions throughout our lives - when graduating from school and university, when looking to grow as young professionals, when looking to build a legacy as seasoned professionals and so on.

When we have a career consultant as a mentor, we are empowered with the ability to make informed career decisions. 

From our mentors' experiences, we learn to overcome our challenges. They provide a new perspective on our situation and help us see the bigger picture. They expose us to a breadth of opportunities, each allowing us to pivot in a new direction to which, otherwise, we would be oblivious. 

Through Careers Infinite, we bring  to you organized mentorship-a formal career information interview session between a career consultant (mentor) and a mentee for a specified time frame.


The Team

Shruthi Mohan

Product development