Interview series: Ep 1-Chat With A Geographer (Part 2-2)

You are listening to part two of our first episode -- Chat with a Geographer. In this interview series with Dr. Romila Verma -- a geographer teaching at University of Toronto - we will be discussing career opprtunities and some of the environmental education modules that are being developed for the workshops in Water Speaks. 

And if you are the curious kind, check out the questions addressed in this podcast in the transcript below! Happy listening, all!

1. What are the broad categories in the field of geography and what are some career paths for an aspiring geographer?
2. What are some home projects that can be initiated with children interested in the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics)disciplines?
3. How does one nurture their child's interest, if they are interested in geography or a non-traditional field that is often considered not career-oriented? 

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