5 Steps AHEAD: How do I become an occupational therapist (OT)?

October marked Occupational Therapy Month and yet we have a lot more to learn about allied health, especially Occupational Therapy . Our new episode is with Ramya Bakaraju, occupational therapist (OT) from the Hamilton area. She elaborates on what it takes to be an occupational therapist, education requirements, and career options. Enjoy the episode and learn what a day is like for an OT in the hospital.

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Careers in Respiratory Therapy Field with Veena Deekonda

Veena Deekonda is a respiratory therapist at Toronto Western and McMaster Children’s hospitals. In this interview, she discusses her education at McMaster, internship at Yale and her career path to becoming a respiratory therapist. She also talks about the various options available to people interested in allied health care.

Some of the key takeaways from her interview-

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