5 Steps AHEAD: Chat with Dr. Karen Bluth

How often do you give yourself due credit? How often do you forgive yourself for your mistakes? Most of us would answer "Not often"! And that's one of the reasons to practice mindful self-compassion. Listen to Dr. Karen Bluth talk about Mindfulness and Self Compassion. She shares her experience teaching mindfulness, especially to teens and young adults. She conducts workshops to help people practice mindfulness and become self-aware. Visit Dr. Bluth's website at https://karenbluth.com/. For more resources, check out: https://self-compassion.org/, https://chrisgermer.com/, https://centerformsc.org/

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Episode 2 (Part 3/3): 5 Steps Ahead In The Balancing Act: When You Have To Plan A Career And Stay Sane!

In this final part, Ms. Padma Srinath talks about the sequence of personality development in early childhood, starting right from birth. She emphasizes the importance of a school's role in nurturing young minds towards building a confident and independent adult. She also suggests how students can identify their passion and know what they want.

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Episode 2 (Part 2/3): 5 Steps Ahead in the balancing act: when you have to plan a career and stay sane!

In this part, Ms Padma Srinath talks about the Indian education system: her observations and suggestions to ensure personality development in children in the early childhood phase. She also touches upon the need to have the right attitude when it comes to changing careers because in this day and age, careers have a shelf-life. She once again stresses on the importance of nurturing a researching mind, which can go a long way in helping individual career planning in future.

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Episode 2 (Part 1/3): 5 Steps Ahead in the Balancing Act: when you have to plan a career and stay sane

In this part of Episode 2, Ms Padma Srinath talks about how she entered the field of Educational Psychology. She discusses how personality development starts right from birth and stresses on the importance of engaging a young curious mind in preparation for a future career and life experiences. She talks in detail about why she thinks children are the best researchers.

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Ep 1: The Balancing Act with Dr. Jennifer Askey, career coach and author of Time Budgeting

Dr. Jennifer Askey is a career coach and the founder of Energized Academic. In this interview, she discusses what career coaching for the academic community entails as well as strategies for structuring short-term goals and future career plans. She is an animal lover (Bella) and it shows in the analogies in the conversations. Eat the frog and eat the elephant one bite at a time. The advice is to the point and her strategies have helped many people reduce mental stress and work successfully towards their career goals.

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Trailer Ep 1: The Balancing Act with Dr. Jennifer Askey, career coach and author of Time Budgeting

School and graduation is around the corner! How do you manage your stress and plan your next steps?

It is all about THE BALANCING ACT- When one needs to plan a career and stay sane.

Stay tuned for our first interview on February 13 with Dr. Jennifer Askey- career coach, founder of Energized Academic and author of Time Budgeting.


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