Careers in Public Health with Dr. Lauri Hicks from Center For Disease Control (CDC)

Dr. Lauri Hicks is the Director of the Antibiotic Stewardship program at the Center For Disease Control. In this interview, Dr. Hicks discusses what a career in public health entails, her internship opportunity at Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS), mentors and more importantly, the different opportunities surrounding the government public health care sector for interested individuals.

Questions addressed in this informational interview are

  1. How did you decide this career path for yourself? What is your personal story?

  2. How did mentors help you in navigating your career path especially when you applied for the Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) at CDC ?

  3. How is the work in the government sector? What are the pros and cons when you compare it to academia and private sector?

  4. What is a typical day and work process look like when you are working on the field during an outbreak investigation?

  5. What is your advice to individuals interested in public health care sector?

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