Careers in Respiratory Therapy Field with Veena Deekonda

Veena Deekonda is a respiratory therapist at Toronto Western and McMaster Children’s hospitals. In this interview, she discusses her education at McMaster, internship at Yale and her career path to becoming a respiratory therapist. She also talks about the various options available to people interested in allied health care.

Some of the key takeaways from her interview:

  1. There is no one single method in choosing a career. Respiratory therapy programs are open to interested candidates after high school.
  2. Internship opportunities help us understand what we want to do with our time, helping us choose a career option that is right for us. They are more than just building work experience for a resume.
  3. Job shadowing and getting mentored are two of many ways to explore the myriad opportunities.

Veena and I decided to take advantage of the warm afternoon to do this interview outside. It was finally refreshing to see and hear all the people around us without a bulky winter coat.  We hope you found this episode informative. We'd love to hear your comments, suggestions and questions!


Stay tuned for our interview on June 4 with Veena Deekonda, Respiratory Therapist from Toronto Western and McMaster Children’s Hospitals.



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