Interview Series: Ep 1- Chat with a geographer (Trailer)

Dr. Romila Verma is an innovative teacher, researcher, speaker and author, and a leading voice on global water issues. She lectures on water management and environmental science in the
School of the Environment and Department of Geography at the University of Toronto. Dr. Verma received her PhD degree in Environmental Geography from Delhi School of Economics. Her research interests have fostered both the physical and social science perspectives. She firmly believes that today’s youth will benefit from this multidisciplinary thinking to understand and solve complex problems of the world.

In this segment, our effort is to discuss the benefits and advantages of studying Geography at the University level. Dr. Verma will also elaborate on career paths and opportunities in the field of Geography.

Tune it to our podcast 5steps AHEAD for an exciting interview with Dr. Romila Verma on December 3.